Blue-Red-Yellow Glass Wall Blessing by Friekmanndar

Blue-Red-Yellow Glass Wall Blessing by Friekmanndar


Product Description

The frame on this eye-catching Friekmanndar wall plaque is made up of red, yellow, blue and white rectangular panes of stained glass. In the center of these primary colors is the most primary blessing one can request success and bounty to be showered on your home or place of work! Hang this Friekmanndar art item in your home and wait for the blessings to flow from Heaven. Options: blessing in Hebrew or English, for home or place of work.

All over the world, friends and admirers of Friekmanndar talk, delight in decorating their homes with their works of hand-crafted glass art.


Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Height: 4"/10 cm
Width: 4"/10 cm


Copyright 2002-today
1 Imrei Baruch st. Bnei Brak 56109 Israel