Camel Bowl by David Gerstein

Camel Bowl by David Gerstein

16.1" / 41cm (Diameter)

Product Description

For all camel lovers!

Living and working in Israel, artist David Gerstein is familiar with the sturdy camel and its role in Oriental economy and culture. Here, camels strut around his fruit bowl, bringing a unique Oriental flavor. Gerstein reminds us that although all camels may look the same, each one is different with its own colorful personality. In the center is a spiral piece of white metal revolving to form a delectable plate on which lay fruit items.

Living and working in Israel, David Gerstein is an artist of international renown whose pictures and sculptures stand in major cities and galleries the world-over. His impressive fruit bowl series celebrate a love of life, color and movement.


Material: Laser cutout metal
Made in Jerusalem
Year: 2012
Artist: David Gerstein

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