David Gerstein

Vibrant Pop Art by David Gerstein is featured in prestigious museums and galleries worldwide. His colorful Bicycle series, Heart sculptures and other Judaica are fanciful and dynamic with an introspective element of irony.

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David Gerstein

The artist is considered to be one of the most innovative in the world today. His items are exhibited in world capitols in Europe, New York, Singapore and more. Some of his items have been chosen to appear on huge billboards, and his statues appear in many places in Israel. The pop art created by famous Israeli artist David Gerstein portrays Israeli society with gently irony and humor. His items are universal and celebrate humanity with all it's whims and faults. His riotous themes of flowers and butterflies are popular and symbolize youth, vibrancy and happiness. He uses many themes from nature such as Elssa Cow, flowers, window views portraying scenes from daily life. The Chanukah Menorah collection includes designs with butterflies, birds, dove of peace and hamsa. A swinging jazz club plays appropriate instruments such as electric guitar, saxophone, trumpet and piano, perhaps accompanying dancers from this genre. His hamsa sculptures are lighthearted portrayals of this traditional item, using Judaica symbols in bold colors.

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