Jazz Club by David Gerstein

Join the Jazz Club by David Gerstein! Swinging sculptures of Saxophone Player, Trumpet player, by the Israeli artist, a unique gift for your favorite jazz lover.

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Showing 1-4 out of 4 items

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Jazz Players

Renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein has developed exciting elements of art that highlight and bring into sharp focus the beauty of three dimensional figures. In his paintings and sculptures, he depicts the beauty of everyday life and urges us to enjoy and appreciate the world around us in spite of the headlong rush of daily living.

AJudaica is proud to present to its family of customers, a wide selection of David Gersteinís sculptures. In this music series of sculptures, Gerstein depicts musicians in action. He is showing us that the sound of music is the language of the heart. It expresses longings, challenges and manís deepest hopes. It is a form of painting, a medium of communication. The Jazz Club Sculptures brings together the two arts. Each of the four sculptures conveys the beauty and passion of music and the deep involvement of the player who becomes a part of the musical session.

His trumpet player sculpture captures the deep concentration needed to produce the music with joyous ribbons forming musical notes. The saxophone sculpture depicts the joy of producing sound. Colorful ribbons waft upwards reflecting on the uplifting power of music. The guitar player sculpture seems to dance with his music. The ribbons around jump and skip, enjoying the excitement and stimulus of the music. In the Piano Player, we see the musician deeply immersed in his playing. Eyes closed, his fingers seem to dance across the keyboard. The colorful bubbles around him reflect the joy and spontaneity of his music.

On the reverse side of the sculptures are the artistís representations of the excitement and thrill of producing and listening to music. In the frenzied rush of life, Gerstein urges us to listen to the music, to stop for a moment and enjoy the sounds of life, to make the most of every moment.

These sculptures are a must for lovers and students of music. They will add color and interest to a music studio or any place where music is played and enjoyed.

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