Hearts / Love by David Gerstein

Send 101 Kisses in a David Gerstein Sculpture, or a Face to Face Heart Sculpture, quirky and contemporary gifts!

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David Gerstein is an Israeli painter and sculpture of international renown. There is hardly a major city in the world that has not hosted him or his art productions. AJudaica is honored to present many of his works. Here, is his collection of hearts and love sculptures.

The heart, source of life and love, is the theme of his Strokes of Love sculpture. It has been presented to doctors and surgeons all over the world. Cheerful brush strokes speak of joy, optimism and hope – vital qualities for every person in every walk of life.

Sometimes, only the heart speaks. David Gerstein’s magnificent Love sculpture, depicts a multi-colored heart. It conveys the beauty of love that leads hearts to flutter and soar. At the end of two ribbons are butterflies that gently float in the distance.

Can anything be more expressive and powerful than David Gerstein’s “One Hundred Kisses” sculpture? The perfect gift to present to that precious someone. It is as dramatic as it is meaningful and will have your guests gazing at it in admiration.

The “Think Green” sculpture is a reminder to protect the environment. Green is the color of peace and growth. It represents renewal, rebirth and harmony. The world is full of green color, giving everyone a sense of wholesome sense of well-being.

Love joins hearts and makes two people into one. The “Face to Face” sculpture represents this merging of two separate entities into a single harmonious whole. The blissful expression of love speaks for itself.

Finally, Gerstein’s ”Window Hand in Hand” conveys optimism and hope for the future. Two lovers, gazing into each other’s eyes, stand at the open window, facing the future. Feelings of joy and fulfillment are represented by the red with touches of green window frame.

The beauty of David Gerstein’s sculptures is that they can be viewed on both sides. The reverse repeats the picture in a different choice of colors. So, whichever way you look at it, David Gerstein speaks the language of love!

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