Essence of Jerusalem Perfume for Women 30 ml

Essence of Jerusalem Perfume for Women 30 ml

Essence of Jerusalem Perfume for Women 30 ml

30 ml/1 fl oz

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Essence of Jerusalem Perfume for Women

"Perfumed with Myrrh and Frankincense" (Song of Songs, 3:6). ever since biblical times, perfumes were enriched our lives. Perfume-making is an ancient art., and you may be surprised to learn that perfumes were actually first created in the Holy Land.
When the queen of Sheba pay her historic visit to King solomon some 3,000 years ago, she made him a gift of persimmon shoots, also known as Balsamon or Balsam. These shoots were transplanted to the lush oasis of Ein Gedi on the shores of the legendary Dead Sea, where perfumers extracted the balsam essence to create the most sought-after perfume in the ancient world. In the millennia that followed, the stormy events in Jerusalem and the Holy Land severely disrupted the local perfume industry.
But now, an enterprising Jerusalem perfumer has re-discovered the ancient art, using the aromatic essence of over 90 different indigenous Israeli plants, he has produced a glorious perfume, Essence of Jerusalem.
The fragrance of this exclusive Balsamon-inspired perfume represents a subtle blend of the oriental and the classic, encapsulating the very essence of Jerusalem. The essence of Jerusalem collection includes fragrance for women and for men, and a range of fragranced candles for home and ceremonial use.


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Size: 30 ml/1 fl oz


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