Glass Blessing in Sea Colors by Friekmanndar

Glass Blessing in Sea Colors by Friekmanndar


Product Description

Keep your home and business afloat with these underwater colors on panes of stained glass, forming a delightful frame for an eloquent blessing. The shades of green and blue will give you a relaxing moment during your busy day and the buoyant blessing is just what you need to keep up your spirits. Notice the appealing rectangular shape of the plaque, giving emphasis to the blessing.

In our world of technology and automation, artists Friekmanndar seek to arouse in us an appreciation for handcrafted items that are produced with great effort. Human effort and craft of the hand transforms material items and creates objects of lasting beauty and significance. Every item is meticulously planned and created according to strict specifications. The result is a wide range of items each one is a work of art to be admired, respect and enjoyed.

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