IDF Special Forces short Sleeve T-Shirt - Mossad

IDF Special Forces short Sleeve T-Shirt - Mossad

  • 100% cotton short sleeve T-Shirt
  • IDF Mossad print with Star of David
  • Choose from 5 sizes, 6 colors
  • Print on front or reverse


Product Description

Enjoy you prestigious Mossad T-shirt, carrying an aura of respect and admiration. The Mossad collects intelligence information, carries out foreign espionage operations and secretly transports Jews out of Arab countries. Its most well-known accomplishment was the capture of Nazi killer Adolf Eichmann.

100% quality cotton. Choice of five sizes and six colors. Option: print on front or reverse.
Black print. On black and navy shirts, print is white.
Machine wash on reverse side in cool cycle (not more than 30 degrees).

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