Personalized Hebrew Name Silver Ring - Ancient Papercut Style

Personalized Hebrew Name Silver Ring - Ancient Papercut Style


Product Description

Connect the past and present with this elegant ring carrying your name. Using sterling silver, artist Boaz Netanel prepares every ring individually using skilled cutting, grinding and polishing techniques. His elegant jewelry forms a link to the magnificent heritage of the Jewish nation. The form of the lettering used is copied from the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls that were hidden in a cave until they were discovered sixty years ago. The flowers are Israel’s nature heritage – growing in the Holy Land.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were written by pious people who lived in Israel at the time of the holy Temple and the great Sages. Reproducing their script on this ring is a vivid testimony to the eternal survival of the Jewish nation.


SKU: BZN-122
Width: 0.7 cm / 0.28"
Band thickness: 1 mm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Handmade in Israel
Shipped in 5-7 days

Special Features

Enter name for your Ring
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both

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