Personalized Hebrew Name Silver Ring - Flora of the Holy Land

Personalized Hebrew Name Silver Ring - Flora of the Holy Land


Product Description

Each ring, carrying your name, is personally made to order by jewelry artist Boaz Netanel. His sterling silver ring expresses his deep attachment to the land of Israel and to the Jewish nation’s rich spiritual heritage. The style of letters forming the name is taken directly from the Dead Sea Scrolls - handwritten manuscripts from the times of the Temple that were only discovered sixty years ago. The engraving alongside is flora and pomegranate branches from the Holy Land – the same flora that grew there in Temple times.

Judaica artist Boaz Netanel worked for many years as a teacher, bringing beauty to the lives of learning-disabled boys. Now, he brings beauty to the lives of his fellow Jews by designing exquisite jewelry items that are a vibrant link to the past that is still with us today.


SKU: BZN-123
Width: 0.7 cm / 0.28"
Band thickness: 1 mm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Handmade in Israel
Shipped in 5-7 days

Special Features

Enter name for your Ring
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both

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