Stained Glass Mizrach Plaque by Friekmanndar

Stained Glass Mizrach Plaque by Friekmanndar


Product Description

A “Mizrach” sign, the perfect complement to every Jewish home, indicates the direction to face when praying and is also a reminder of the holy city of Jerusalem. This splendid Mizrach stained glass decoration is designed in the Tiffany style –an imitation brick frame in shades of brown. Under the word “Mizrach” in the center is written: From the rising of the sun until its setting, G-d’s name is to be praised. (Psalms 113:3)

Another hand-made item from Friekmanndar artists who have dedicated their lives to producing exquisite works of art in glass that bring beauty to the home and places of work in Israel and the world-over.

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