Triangle Pewter Mezuzah in Pink by Ester Shahaf

Triangle Pewter Mezuzah in Pink by Ester Shahaf


Product Description

A feminine Mezuzah!

The rose buds, pink color theme and delicate beading of this Esther Shahaf Mezuzah case make it just right for that special girlie room. Recommended for a Bat Mitzvah or graduation gift. The “shin” letter on top is a reminder of Divine protection.

Suits 3.1"/8 cm parchment

DID YOU KNOW that the market is flooded with non-kosher Mezuzah scrolls. Make sure that your scroll carries an authentic seal or have it professionally checked.


SKU: SHF-35259
Artist: Ester Shahaf
Made in Israel
Material: Pewter, Swarovski crystals
Height: 4"/10 cm
Width: 1"/2.5 cm

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