Mezuzah by Esther Shahaf

Decorative Mezuzah Cases are hand enamelled in Israel by designer Esther Shahaf, these oriental style Mezuzahs are enhanced by intricate bead and crystal work and will add a special touch to your home decor.

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Showing 1-32 out of 82 items

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Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf

What is a Mezuzah?

Let’s make a clear definition between a Mezuzah and a Mezuzah Case. The Mezuzah is the small piece of ritually prepared parchment on which a trained pious Jewish scribe has written the Shema prayer. It is carefully rolled and placed inside a Mezuzah case that is attached to the doorpost of each of the doors in a Jewish home or place of work. Today, the Mezuzah case has become an attractive item of Judaic art, available in a huge variety of materials, colors and shapes with an endless choice of design and color combinations.

Ester Shahaf

Israeli born and educated, Ester Shahaf is a prolific artist who brings to life the exotic Oriental and Mediterranean heritage that is an intrinsic feature of Israeli culture. Her handcrafted Mezuzah cases, made from metal, wood or pewter, hand enameled in exciting vibrant colors that catch the eye, are lavishly decorated with beads, metal accents and gleaming Swarovski stones. Each case is a work of art that is a fitting cover for the sacred Mezuzah scroll.

The Choice

Scroll through aJudaica’s selection of Ester Shahaf’s Mezuzah Cases. Like us, you will be amazed at the unbelievable number of color combinations and the variety of decorative designs. They all carry the mystical “shin” letter, a reminder of the Divine protection that the Mezuzah scroll brings to the home. Many carry familiar and beloved Jewish motifs – the dove, pomegranate, Star of David and of course, the Hamsa hand. There are curved designs and intriguing angular triangle designs. Many display exquisite floral themes with endless exotic curves.

In conclusion

An Ester Shahaf Mezuzah Case is a must for your home décor. Each one exudes joy, excitement and a love of life.

A special asset for Ester Shahaf’s work is that it is made from start to finish in Israel in her rural work studio in Binyamina. So it is a genuine authentic Made in Israel product.

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