Key Rings by Esther Shahaf

Hamsa keychains for good luck and warding off the evil eye, painstakingly hand enamelled in Israel by Esther Shahaf in various designs, Hamsa with Chai keychain, Star of David keychain.

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Showing 1-32 out of 38 items

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What is a Key Ring?

A key ring will ensure that you do no lose your keys so that they are easily accessible. Smart and simple, it holds your keys together so that you do not have to rummage through your handbag to open the door to your home!

What is a Judaica Key Ring

A Jewish key ring carries a Jewish theme. It will display a Hebrew verse or saying. Often, it will display a popular Jewish symbol – a Star of David, Choshen, Menorah and others.

Ester Shahaf

Ester Shahaf is a leading Israeli artist whose vision is to create attractive Judaica items that will become a part of the life of all Jews, irrespective of the level of their religious affiliation. Her products, all individually handcrafted, are vibrant and attractive, expressing exuberance and a joy of life. They decorate homes, Synagogues and schools all over the world.

Her Hamsa Key Ring Collection

With the goal of spreading Jewish themes beyond the home and making them accessible and attractive, Ester Shahaf has created a selection of keyrings based on the Hamsa hand – the popular Middle Eastern motif that is reputed to give protection from the Evil Eye and bring the blessings of luck, health, happiness and good fortune.

The Selection

Scroll through our selection. You will see that the keyrings are all brightly colored, lavishly decorated with meticulously applied gleaming Swarovski crystals, colorful stones and metal effects. Within the Hamsa centerpiece, there are words of blessing, a tree of life symbol, fish, Menorah, Star of David and heart.


An Ester Shahaf Hamsa keyring will bring a touch of spirituality to your day. It is an attractive addition to your handbag that will bring you lots of admiring comments. Present it as a gift and you will always be remembered with joy and appreciation.

Don’t forget - every item from Ester Shahaf is handcrafted, produced from start to finish in her studio workplace in the rural town of Binyaminah. So, you are purchasing a genuine Made in Israel product.

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