Hanukkah Menorah by Michal Ben Yosef


Each Jewish Holiday comes with its own unique flavor and customs. Chanukah or Hanukkah is easily the most popular and well-known. Its theme of “light” is defined by the traditional menorah with its eight candle holders – each day an additional candle.

AJudaica has an amazing selection of Menorahs in lots of materials, designs and costs. But there is only one ceramic collection designed by the world-famous artist - Michal Ben Yosef. Scroll through the selection - a must if you want to give your Chanukah table a new contemporary look or you wish to give an engagement or wedding gift of heirloom quality.

Michal Ben Yosef is at the forefront of Israel’s ceramicists. After creating quality stoneware items for twenty years, today she focuses almost exclusively on Judaica. Passionate about her love for the Land and People of Israel, she derives inspiration for her colors and designs from the countryside village where she lives and works. Each of her products reflects the colors of the land and the traditions of the people.

Her display of Menorahs is varied – small in quantity but rich in design. You are sure to find one of them that will appeal to you.

A favorite theme of Michal Ben Yosef is the pomegranate. This rich red fruit, Jewish symbol of blessing, represents wisdom, purity and abundance. Her pomegranate Menorahs, with its many messages, will make a fitting decoration for a holiday celebrated with family get-togethers.

With a nod to the State of Israel, another Menorah is formed from Stars of David. Its novel feature is that each day is a separate star so the assembly of colors can be re-arranged each day.

If you are looking for something astounding then Michal’s Chanukah Menorah on a decorative tray is truly stunning. Profusely detailed, it features playful Chanukah pictures and designs. The candle holders are numbered so you know the order in which to kindle. The gray cream color is a reminder of the land of Israel where this was entirely hand-made – from wheel to kiln. Using a special glaze, each Menorah is durable and can be washed in hot water.

AJudaica takes pride to display the creative art of Michal Ben Yosef. She brings to her growing number of admirers, the magnificent world of Jewish tradition in a modern contemporary setting. Displayed in galleries and museums all over the world, they will bring beauty and harmony to your home too.

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