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Body Care by Dead Sea Cosmetics

Every woman yearns for a moisturized pampered young skin, hands as smooth as the pictures and feet with the velvety look of the models. As she ages, she is distressed by those give-away wrinkles and age-lines and wants a magic formula to make her feel good and look her best.

Ajudaica does not perform magic. But it offers quality skin products from top notch companies known for the high quality of their products. We stand by our products and check them out carefully to ensure that there are no exaggerations or false claims.

So, go for it. Scroll through our directory. Spend time and money on yourself and your skin needs. A small investment will bring you huge dividends in terms of skin health and beauty. Maximize your potential and feel the surge of well-being and vitality when you know you are giving your body the care it needs and deserves.

Dry itchy hands are bothersome and a nuisance. Use one of our excellent hand creams and apply it few times a day. Keep a tube in your handbag and use it. Send yourself reminders to use it. Some of our hand creams, rich in Dead Sea minerals and herbs, should be used at bedtime. Don’t forget our cream for finer nails and special nail strengthener solution if you have brittle nails.

AJudaica has not forgotten that men’s hands also need care (although they will never admit it). So slip it into his bag or place on his desk our manly looking H&B hand cream.

Feet that are exposed to the elements and stand up to hard wear and tear need loving care. Bend down and slaver on them a foot moisturizer to give them the nutrients they need. Try our H&B Dead Sea mud foot cream to bring new life to tired feet. Massage into the skin twice a day and see and feel the difference.

Tired at the end of the day? Use our bath and body shower gels. Step out feeling refreshed, ready to begin a new day! Take an extra few minutes to massage one of our body butters or body scrubs into your skin for that pampering luxuriant feeling.

Don’t forget to treat your body to a skin lift with the daily application of body lotions that smooth, rejuvenate and give the skin the vital nutrients that it needs. If you see or feel the effects of aging on your skin, administer a healthy diet of Dead Sea creams that are anti-ageing and are rich in olive oil and other nutrients. Massage them onto the face and neck and other body areas Our anti-cellulite cream has had promising results. Try it and see for yourself!

The most important contributing factor to personal body beauty is to feel positive and reassured that you are doing your best to take care of yourself. We are confident that aJudaica’s products will bring you good results.

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