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Ahava Spa

Originally, Spa was the name of a small town in Belgium known already in Roman times for its health giving medicinal waters. Today, the most famous spa in the world is the Dead Sea located in Israel, the lowest and saltiest spot in the world. Its salts, minerals and mud is a unique combination that have alleviated pain, promoted feelings of well-being and brought health and skin benefits to the thousands who visit there every year.

Not everyone can stop their lives to travel to the Dead Sea for a spa treatment. Ahava, one of Israel’s top dermatological companies, offers an alternative – it brings the Dead Sea to you in the form of refined spa products. It extracts water, mud and minerals from the waters of the Dead Sea and combines them with vitamins and plant extracts and minerals. The result is the world-famous Ahava skin and body preparations, known for their effectiveness and impeccable quality. Begin using them today so that you too can enjoy and feel their unique benefits.

Add a handful or two of natural Dead Sea natural bath salts to your bath water. Emerge from the water refreshed and invigorated. Alternatively, you can use a liquid form of the salts. This too contains a concentration of minerals and vitamins that will give you the perfect spa treatment – cleansing, refreshing and protecting the skin.

For that finishing touch, use Ahava’s lightly scented Body Sorbet. Its minerals, vitamins and plant extracts melt into your skin just like a sorbet leaving a delicious refreshing scent that will become your favorite.

Alternatively, whilst the body is lightly damp, spray yourself lightly with this dry oil body mist. It is full of nourishing oils that leave your skin soft and glowing. You – and others – will love its haunting mandarin and cedar wood scent.

In short, if you are tired or stressed, suffer from skin ailments or are feeling aches and pains – it is time for a home spa treatment. Add the salts, soak in the waters, spray on the sorbet or body mist and feel renewed energy and a wonderful wholesome sense of well-being.

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