Rikmat Elimelech Tallit

The renowned Rikmat Elimelech workshop in the rural Pines Village in northern Israel produces exquisite hand crafted Tallitot. Their trademark handloom woven tallit is a the product of a unique weaving technique using wool and silk threads, creating a durable wool base with an interwoven silk overlay. Since designs range from classic to whimsical, there's a Rikmat Elimelech tallit for everyone!

Tallit by Rikmat Elimelech

The stunning craftsmanship on Rikmat Elimelech Tallitot will leave you awed. There is the classic handloom woven Tallit in deep, rich colors in a quality weave of silk and wool for quality, durability and beauty. Then there are the silk printed Tallitot with Biblical themes depicted in lively animations, colors and designs, with matching Kippah and bag. Last but not least, the embroidered Tallits come in diverse shades and designs such as a leafy pomegranate branch, Menorah, or a picturesque City of David design for a meaningful and beautiful religious item.

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