Jewish Women Head Covering

Jewish Law, or Halacha, requires a married Jewish woman to cover her hair. For a beautiful synthesis of tradition and fashion, view our collection of Jewish head scarfs.


The injunction for a Jewish married woman to cover her hair goes back to the times of the Bible and it was scrupulously observed even in the wilderness. At the time of the rebellion of Korach, when his supporters tried to enlist On ben Peles to join them, his wife, with deep feminine intuition, realized who these people were and she tried to persuade her husband not to join the rebels. When she saw them approaching her tent, she sat outside with her hair uncovered. They were sinners but they would not come near an immodest woman. This act of courage brought her eternal fame and is the example of a woman whose wisdom saved her home. She is known to all as “eishet On Ben Pelles” – the wife of On son of Pelles. How characteristic – she is remembered for her valiant deed but we do not even know her name!

Ever since, Jewish women have been particular to cover their hair after marriage. In this way, they expresses their commitment to their husband and the home they are building together. Of course, the woman always takes care of her appearance and looks good – she knows that she is a Jewish princess. Her covering of the hair is a reminder of the priority Jews place on privacy, modesty and the holiness of a life that cannot be invaded or pried open. In a world where the right to know has become almost a demand and a command, the Jewish woman’s hair covering is a timely reminder of Jewish life-style and priorities.

In order to strengthen the Jewish woman’s commitment to cover her hair, aJudaica offers a selection of snoods, berets, chaponnes and head scarves. They come in a variety of fabrics. Some are lined, some are crocheted, others fit on the head like a beret and can be worn high or low. We have a choice of colors, so you can match your head covering to your outfit. Whether it is for work, shopping or evening wear, you will find a head covering that is appropriate and suits your mood. Wait for the compliments!

It is gratifying to note that an increasingly large number of women are becoming aware of the important mitzvah of covering the hair and at great personal sacrifice they undertake to observe this. Many will tell you that since they made this major change in their lives, they have seen blessing and Divine assistance in all areas.

It is our fervent hope that our selection of fashionable, colorful quality hair coverings will contribute to this positive trend.

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