Glass Menorah

Glass Making and Jewish Art

The art of glass making dates back thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to the modern world of technology, its enchanting beauty has captivated the heart and mind of man. Judaica artists, recognizing the timeless beauty of glass, have becomes masters of the skill, enriching the world of Judaica with exquisite works of glass that enhance the Shabbat and Jewish Festivals. The festive Menorah, kindled for the eight nights of Chanukah, is the subject of many of their creative efforts.

More on the AJudaica Glass Menorah Collection

AJudaica’s glass collection of Menorahs highlights three outstanding artists – each one well known and internationally recognized. Their magnificent glass Menorahs are a source of exquisite beauty in Jewish homes all over the worlds.

Itay Mager

Meet Itay Mager, a gifted glass artist whose Judaica works of art, hand-crafted in delicate colors speak to the heart and soul. Blue is a Mager favorite. His exquisite semi-circle Menorah radiates a gleaming beauty of inner worth. It will make the Chanukah lighting ceremony an uplifting experience year after year.

Caesarea Art

Caesarea Art, located in the ancient town of Caesaria alongside the Mediterranean Sea, is passionate about Judaica. Although they work primarily with stone, they have produced a group of evocative glass Menorahs that come with magnetized candle holders to be moved and arranged according to whim or fancy.


Each Judaica item from Friekmanndar is an individual creation, lovingly hand-made. Their stunning glass Menorahs, feature a dynamic backsplash of glowing pieces of colored glass - a symphony of light and color. There is a huge choice, each one a work of art, that will make the Menorah lighting a glowing ceremony.

Jerusalem Menorah

AJudaica’s Old City Menorah will keep alive the memory of the city where the Chanukah story took place. A pretty image of Jerusalem is painted on the Menorah’s glass front. The delicate blue base matches the tray holding the candleholders.

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So, relax, stroll through our Menorah selection, make your order and enjoy a wonderful inspirational Chanukah!

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