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To Life, to life ... Le'Chaim! These beautiful and varied Chai pendants are the ultimate gift of good will and blessings.

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Showing 1-32 out of 32 items

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What is Chai

Chai, the Hebrew letters Chet Yud means alive, or living. In Hebrew numerology it is the number 18, a symbol of good luck. It often used as the amount of a money gift or a multiplier for the amount of a gift. It is a very popular adornment, because of its symbolism and the graceful geometry of the letters, which lends itself to versatile feats of decorative art. The Chai necklace is offered in quality gold filled or silver jewelry which are durable and beautiful. Some of the gold filled Chai pendants are enhanced by a deep blue enamel which lends a graceful and rich effect to this jewelry. For a youthful effect, the Chai appears on a realistic bullet pendant. The charming Chai Hamsa pendant is a perfect synthesis of two meaningful Jewish symbols.
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