Chai Star of David Dog-Tag Pendant by Golan Studio

Chai Star of David Dog-Tag Pendant by Golan Studio


Product Description

Protection symbols!

A necklace packed with traditional blessing motifs. The design features a pretty Star of David - a great expression of trust in Divine Protection. In the center is the Hebrew word Chai meaning life. Behind is engraved words from the holy Shema prayer, expressing a Jew’s life-long belief in One G-d. As a finishing touch, the three letters aleph, lamed and daled are written at the base – letters with inner dimensions that fight the Evil Eye.

Additional info:
Designer Golan, director of Golan Studio, is a Yemenite Jew committed to keeping alive the traditional Yemenite silver craftsmanship. His jewelry design is deeply affected by his passion for Kabalah. This item, intended for men and women, comes as a pendant. A chain, with choice of lengths, can be purchased through the Additional Items option.


SKU: GS-170
Artist: Golan Studio
Width:0.9" / 2.3cm
Height: 1.2" / 3cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Made in Israel

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Sterling Silver - Light Box Chain
18" Sterling Silver Chain
20" Sterling Silver Chain
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