Silver King Pendant by Golan Studio

Silver King Pendant by Golan Studio

Diameter: 1.2" / 3 cm

Product Description

22 names of G-d!

You will feel overawed with the holiness this pendant represents. In bold letters at the top is written “Ha’melech” – The King, referring to G-d and underneath are another 22 names used to describe His many qualities of justice, power and mercy. Each title begins with another letter of the aleph bet so the impression is all-encompassing. On the reverse is inscribed, “G-d reigns, has reigned and will reign forever more!”

This powerful pendant has been hand-engraved by Golan of Golan Studio. His daily study of Kabalah gives his creative work meaning and depth. The chain is an option to be purchased separately.


SKU: GS-0161
Size: Diameter: 1.2" / 3 cm
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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