Kohen Blessing Star of David Pendant from Golan Studio

Kohen Blessing Star of David Pendant from Golan Studio

Diameter: 1" / 2.5cm

Product Description

The powerful Priestly blessing

Good things in life are often hidden! On the front of this striking pendant is an open silver disk with an ornate hand-engraved floral and geometric design. A 14K gold Star of David hangs in the center. Reverse the pendant and you will see engraved on the silver the precious words of the three-fold Priestly Blessing. The Kohanim, (Priests - descendants of Aaron), come to the front of the Synagogue and bless the entire Congregation chanting these holy words.

Additional info:
Golan of Golan Studio creates individual jewelry that is entirely hand-made. A Yemenite Jew, he seeks to share with his growing circle of clients a devotion to Kabalah themes and his identity with the ancient craftsmanship of his ancestors in Yemen.


SKU: GS-0162
Size: Diameter: 1" / 2.5cm
Artist: Golan Studio
Material: .925 sterling silver

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