Silver 10 Sefirot Pendant by Golan Studio

Silver 10 Sefirot Pendant by Golan Studio

3cm / 1.2" (Diameter)

Product Description

The mystical ten!

If you study or are interested in Kabbalah, this pendant is a MUST. The ten sefirot refer to the Ten Divine Powers, the channels through which G-d rules the world. In the traditional wheel, the right side represents G-dís attributes of kindness and mercy and the left side refers to His qualities of power and strict justice. With only one side, the world cannot survive. The wheel of sefirot combines and harmonizes these powers.

Golan of Golan Studio has personally engraved this Kabbalah pendant. A daily student of Kabalah, he imbues the jewelry he creates with his feelings of holy inspiration. This item, suitable for men or women, comes without a chain that can be purchased separately.


SKU: GS-0085
Size: 3cm / 1.2" (Diameter)
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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