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The Seven Branch Menorah is one of the most ancient symbols of the nation of Israel. The design for the original Menorah which stood in the First and Second Temples was divulged by God Himself to Moses. Each branch symbolizes one day of the week, with the center branch representing the Shabbat.

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Seven Branch Menorah Pendant

A pretty pendant on a necklace adds that finishing touch to a woman’s outfit. It sets the mood and generates a feeling of well-being. A Seven Branch Menorah pendant does all that and more – it imparts a message and brings uplift and inspiration to the wearer and all who admire this meaningful piece of jewelry.

The very first 7-branch candelabrum stood in the mobile Temple that accompanied the Jews in their travels through the wilderness. Made of solid gold, its intricate design was magnificent. Ever since, it has remained a symbol of light and wisdom and in recent years, it has been reproduced in a variety of metals and styles by Judaic jewelry artists.

So that everyone can purchase and enjoy a 7-Branch Menorah pendant, aJudaica’s selection is offered at affordable prices. Each one is strikingly pretty and will look impressive whether worn alone or together with another necklace.

The pendants are made from gold fill, bronze, sterling silver or rhodium silver. The two-tone pendants give an individual flavor to the pendant. If you enjoy a splash of color – what about a Hamsa shaped pendant with an opal or pearl stone? Try one of our delicately shaped Menorahs resting on a Star of David blue background or for variety, choose a Menorah decorated with colorful stones.

The popularity of the 7-Branch Menorah soared after it was adopted as the official emblem of the State of Israel. It became an expression of identity and a statement of loyalty. In the Ajudaica selection, you will find a dog tag metal pendant, an Israeli Army pendant or an Israeli army bullet metal pendant – all proudly displaying the 7-Branch Menorah.

Any of these aJudaica pendants will make a wonderful gift for a birthday, bat mitzvah, graduation or simply an expression of friendship to show that you are thinking of a loved one. They can be worn freely by men or women, boys or girls. Whichever one you choose, it will be a good choice, bring you pleasure and uplift while connecting you to the ancient past of the Jewish nation.

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