Tzuki Art Hanukkah Menorah

View our stunning Tzuki Art Hanukah Menorah Collection including the colorful Happy Family Menorah, Family Tree Chanukah Menora for a new artistic twist.

Tzuki Art Hanukkah Menorah

Chanukah, Festival of Lights, is approaching and you are looking for a Menorah that is traditional and stylish. A Tzuki Menorah is just that – and more. The Menorah created by this distinguished Israeli artist are displayed in homes and galleries all over the world. They radiate an exuberant love of life and color, communicating joy, excitement and the satisfaction of fulfilling human relationships.

The dominant theme of Tzuki’s Chanukah Menorahs is the family. He pays tribute to the Jewish mother whose presence is always felt and respected. He highlights the beauty of friendship as boy and girl water flowers or gather fruit in a pomegranate-laden garden. His beloved Menorah masterpiece is the “Traffic Jam” where the cars are at a standstill but the youthful drivers and passengers remain vibrant and energetic as they jump, run and have fun!

A Tzuki Menorah will bring light and joy to your Chanukah and during the year, it will enhance your home as a distinguished work of art. Each Menorah is individually laser-cut from stainless steel and then hand-painted and lacquered. It comes with glass holders that can be used to hold tea lights or floating wicks. Ajudaica is the sole agent for on-line sales of Tzuki Art.

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