Gifts by Yealat Chen

These extraordinary items are for that special person who has everything! Jewish themed desk stands, business card holders, handsome Judaica Wall Clocks are part of this new and exciting line by Israeli Artist Yealat Chen!

Judaica Gifts by Yealat Chen

Gift giving is as old as history. In ancient time lavish gifts were presented to rulers to secure favors or show allegiance. Between friends, lovers, relatives or acquaintances, gifts demonstrate love or express appreciation and gratitude.

Whatever the reason for your gift, we recommend that you examine aJudaica’s selection of the Yealat Chen collection of gifts with a Jewish flavor. Enjoy the gift selection experience as you relax in the comfort of your home and scroll through the aJudaica website of Yealat Chen. She is one of Israel’s major producers of affordable gifts – mostly made from durable Mazak metal with many colorful decorative elements.

Clocks are always a safe presentation. There is a choice of three clocks with Jerusalem designs. For a spiritually uplifting gift consider the Yealat Chen Torah Pointers with a choice of attractive designs. Recalling the intricate filigree design perfected in Yemen, Yealat’s country of origin, she has created exquisite filigree table decorations that can also be used as napkin holders.

Pride of place in the collection is for the office gifts. There is a choice of card holders. Choose a dove image decoration or an incredibly beautiful Jerusalem design card holder with an antique silver look.

A luxurious office gift is an exquisitely crafted metal plated memo holder covered with either sterling silver or 24 karat gold. Choose a pomegranate or Jerusalem theme.

You will love the intriguing honey dish decorated with a decorative flower and bee. It will make a delightful gift any time of the year although it is intended for use on Rosh Hashanah. “A happy sweet year!” is engraved in Hebrew on the honey holder.

Whether you are the giver or the receiver, gifts connect people. Research has shown the tremendous benefits of gift giving. It makes people happier, improved their state of mind and strengthens social interaction. So, present a Yealat Chen gift confident that will give pleasure to present and

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