Ceramic Mezuzah by Michal Ben Yosef

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A Mezuzah case holds a holy parchment scroll on which Biblical verses are hand written by a special scribe. Affixing a Mezuzah on the doorpost of the home is a Jew's declaration of trust in Heavenly protection.

AJudaica takes pride to display the stunning collection of ceramic Mezuzah cases, handcrafted by Michal Ben Yosef, Israel's leading ceramic artist. Her products adorn and are in use in homes the world-over. Each of her Mezuzah cases is a work of exquisite art that will decorate your home and impart to it a spark of spirituality.

Michal lives in a rural village where the floral, bird and animal life around her are a constant source of inspiration. For over twenty years, she has been creating Judaica items that are as beautiful as they are functional. The Mezuzah cases she creates reflect her deep love and attachment to the land and to traditional Jewish motifs. Even the colors she uses warm browns, greens and blue are reminders of the beauty of the earth of Israel and the Heavenly sky above.

Scroll through and you too will admire the variety of styles and themes. Each one comes in a selection of sizes to fit the length of the scroll. If you like Hebrew wording, there are a number of cases cheerfully decorated with traditional blessings. Another case displays the sacred Shema prayer elegantly inscribed in gold and black letters. There is a choice of elegant pomegranates, desert palms, birds or fish designs. Love her collection of cube Mezuzah cases. The striking shape is complimented by the choice of colors each reflecting the magnificent colors of nature.

So, if you are wondering about a gift for an engagement, wedding or house warming, we warmly recommend a ceramic Mezuzah Case, handmade in Israel by Michal Ben Yosef. With its eternal message of faith, it will appropriately convey your good wishes and blessings.

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