Shabbat by Caesarea Arts

Honoring the Shabbat

Throughout the ages, Jews have always honored the Shabbat by beautifying their Shabbat table with the finest and most attractive dishes and ritual items.

Honoring Shabbat with Caesarea Arts

What could be a more fitting way to honor the Shabbat than using Judaica items from Caesarea Arts. This studio and workshop, run by a husband and wife team, is located in the ancient port town of Caesarea. Its many and varied products are inspired by the seashore and the archeological digs for which the town is world-famous. A Caesarea Arts product brings a touch of Israel to your home.

The Shabbat Collection

Caesarea Arts offer a number of items that will upgrade and bring prestige to any Shabbat table.

Consider the choice of its Kiddush Cup, an exclusive item that is bound to impress whether it stands on your table or is presented as a gift. Made from nickel and aluminum, it is coated inside with 24K gold. The intriguing lotus shaped comes in a choice of striking colors.

For an even more impressive Kiddush cup, there is a conical shaped crystal and silver plated Kiddush cup a stunning work of art.

Welcome the Shabbat by lighting candles on candlesticks from Caesarea Arts. The sleek contemporary design comes in an exciting choice of black, blue or rainbow colors.

For anyone away from home, Caesarea Arts has a set of easy-pack travelling candlesticks that come in a choice of colors.

To cut your Shabbat bread, there is a choice of decorative handles imitating the vibrant rainbow theme, hallmark of Caesarea Arts.

The Perfect Gift

The simple but elegant choice of Judaica items created by Caesarea Arts are the perfect backdrop for your Shabbat table. They are both functional and beautiful, perfect for the home that wishes to honor the Shabbat with tradition that has a modern twist.

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