Yad - Torah Pointers by Caesarea Arts

The Humble Pointer

A small but important object in the category of Synagogue Judaica is the Torah Pointer, called in Hebrew, a Yad.

What is a Pointer?

The Torah Pointer, or Yad, is hand-shaped with an extended index finger. It is used to point to the text in the Sefer Torah scroll as it is read by the Reader. Since the parchment is delicate and sensitive, human touch is avoided wherever possible. At aJudaica, you will find a huge selection of styles, materials and colors. There are traditional Pointers and for those leading a more contemporary life style, we recommend the Pointers of Caesarea Arts

Caesarea Arts Pointers

Caesarea Arts, located in the ancient seaport town of Caesarea, crafts Pointers that combine the beauty of tradition with sleek contemporary designs that are trendy and will bring to the Synagogue ritual a lively sense of color and design. Caesarea Art's Rainbow Collection offers a stunning choice of color themes. It will be difficult to decide from the choice of vibrant and lively colors. There is silver, blue, mauve or others. Made from anodized aluminum, they are a beautiful modern-style Synagogue accessory.

A Pointer as a Gift

A Torah Pointer is a stunning gift to present to a husband, father or grandfather on the occasion of a birthday or other milestone. It is a splendid addition to any Judaica collection. It is equally appropriate to present it to Reader or the Rabbi of your Congregation. You can also gift a Pointer to your synagogue, honoring a dear one. It is the perfect gift for a Bar Mitzvah. Send it in good time for him to use on Shabbat when he is called up for his Torah Reading. Whatever the occasion for the gift, a Torah Pointer is an expression of your respect for the holy Torah scroll and all that it represents.

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