Hamsa by Friekmanndar

The traditional five finger Hamsa is an ancient Oriental motif – a hand with three extended middle fingers. The thumb and pinky finger, sometimes curved outwards, are always symmetrical. The Hamsa, reputed to give protection against the “evil eye” and other negative influences, is widely worn as a good luck amulet for men and women’s jewelry. In the home, it is incorporated into decorative items that adorn walls or shelves. Additional artistic elements are often added to the center of the palm of the Hamsa and it may be given an attractive frame of silver, gold or hand- painted wood.

AJudaica brings you a selection of stunning Hamsa decorations from Friekmanndar, two women glass artists, living and working in Holon in Israel. They regularly walk along the seashore, reclaiming disused bottles and other pieces of rejected glass. They bring this to their studio and in their capable loving hands, the disfigured glass is transformed into a magnificent work of art.

The Friekmanndar collection of Hamsas will bring a touch of spirituality and style to your home. The magnificent color combinations – gentle shades of blue, purple, red and others - emanate peace and tranquility. Wherever a Friekmanndar Hamsa is place, it will be an eye-catching focal point, bringing color and elegance to your home.

Incorporated in many of the Friekmanndar Hamsas, are Home Blessings in Hebrew or English displayed on the palm of the hand. The warm atmosphere created by the delicate colors are the perfect conduit for blessings to be showered on your home.

If you are a Hamsa fan, we urge you to add a Friekmanndar glass Hamsa to your collection. If you not yet a fan, it is never too late to begin and there is no better way to start than with a Friekmanndar piece of art!

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