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Showing 1-23 out of 23 items

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The Mezuzah scroll, attached to the doorposts of the home and place of work, brings Divine protection and is a reminder to bring G-dliness into our daily lives. On the scroll, a special ritual parchment, a trained scribe has written prescribed Torah passages. After careful examination, this is inserted into the case in a special manner.

The Mezuzah case that holds the parchment is often a beautiful item in its own merit. Jewish thought and tradition ascribes great importance to aesthetics and there are many sources that highlight the importance of fulfilling commandments in the most attractive manner possible.

Since the Mezuzah case is the first item noticed on entering a Jewish home, it is only natural that this should be attractive and colorful, drawing attention to the beauty of the Mitzvah. You will find on the aJudaica website, a huge selection of magnificent Mezuzah cases in a wide range of materials, price and workmanship. Here, we recommend the art products of Friekmanndar. In their studio and workshop in Holon, these two young women artists share with us their passion and expertise in transforming a piece of glass to a piece of art.

They have created a stunning collection of glass Mezuzah cases. Each one is an exquisite combination of gentle blues, greens and other colors. Blue tints are predominant, speaking of endless skies and deep oceans. The metal solder work does more than join the glass. It is an integral feature of the art work, adding an essential element of quality to the art work.

Scroll through the selection. Enjoy these visually attractive Mezuzah cases. Let them enhance and bring the beauty of glass to your home or place of work.

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