Wool-Silk Tallit by Galilee Silk

The Tallit

The Jewish prayer shawl, known as a Tallit, is a passionate expression of Jewish identity. This rectangular garment, with tzitzit attached at the four corners, is worn daily for morning prayers. The act of wrapping oneself in a tallit gives the appropriate frame of mind and reverence for the prayer experience.

Choice of Tallit

Jewish tradition prefers a wool Tallit although other fabrics are acceptable. Silk is extremely popular. It is strong and has a natural sheen. It drapes beautifully and seems to flow with the design.

Galilee Silks

This small personalized company, located in the Galilee region of Israel, specializes in producing exclusive silk products known for their high quality and magnificent hand- painted designs. Each Tallit is an impressive work of art displaying incredibly beautiful color themes. Scroll through the selection the distinctive themes and color combinations are a visual feast for the eyes. Our Galilee Silks selection displays distinctive hand-painted tallitot of pure silk. Alternatively, there are wool or polyester tallitot with stunning hand painted silk appliques. The theme is repeated at the four corners and the neckpiece.

The Tzitzit

On the four corners of the Tallit are attached tzitzit threads that have been prepared in strict accordance with Jewish law. Your Galilee Silks tallit comes to you with Kosher tzitzit attached so it is ready for immediate use. Each Tallit comes with matching bag and kippah.

What a Tallit means to a Jew

For many Jews, their Tallit is their most precious possession. Wearing it daily empowers Jewish identity and serves as a tool for spiritual connection with the One Above.

It is related that in 1493 when the Jews of Sicily were expelled from their country leaving all their possessions behind, they asked for the privilege of taking with them their prayer shawls. Sadly, their request was refused.

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