Hamsas & Blessings by Michal Ben Yosef

The Hamsa, a well-known popular motif considered to have spiritual powers of protection, hangs on the walls of many homes and places of work. In addition to the familiar hand-shape with extended middle three fingers, there is often an eye image in the palm of the hand - a talisman against the Evil Eye.

Michal Ben Yosef, Israel's leading ceramic artist, has a distinguished selection of Hamsas in a choice of colors. Scroll through the Ajudaica selection. You will enjoy the Hamsas that incorporate an interesting pomegranate design. On others, the palm displays a Blessing with a choice of text in English or Hebrew for home or place of work or a youthful style with words of blessing.

Michal's love of nature is expressed in her colorful plant and motif Hamsa series. Available in a choice of sizes, they display familiar Jewish symbols, flowers, palm trees and of course the beloved pomegranate.

An innovative idea is the Michal Ben Yosef collection of mini-Hamsas - just the right size to fit into your handbag as a portable good luck talisman. There is a choice of delightful entertaining texts offering dictionary definitions of good luck, happiness, good health, love and nachat. More traditional Hamsas display cheerful words of blessing. Each one will make a beautiful friendship gift.

Included in the Hamsa collection are Home Blessing plaques that will be an impressive addition to home d&233;cor. Circular or diamond shaped, they are exquisitely designed and come in a choice of colors with a choice of texts - heartfelt blessings for the home in Hebrew or English and also a text for businesses.

All Michal Ben Yosef's ceramic products are individually handcrafted in Israel. Kiln fired, they are strong and durable with a natural beauty that reflects the warm rural colors of the Moshav where Michal lives and works. They make perfect gifts that are eloquent reminders of the land and people of Israel.

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