Blessings by Friekmanndar

A friend or relative has moved house and you wish to present a gift that will express meaningful blessings - a gift that will add elegance to the home with a touch of spiritual beauty. What could be more appropriate than a colorful glass wall decoration beautifully engraved with an eloquent blessing in Hebrew or English.

AJudaica invites you to scroll through the Blessings Plaques of glass artists Maya Kedar and Shiri Friedmann, two outstanding Israeli glass artists. They work together in their studio in Holon, and market under the intriguing name of Friekmanndar. Their passion is to retrieve old disused glass and transform it into precious works of art. Their products grace homes are displayed in galleries and museums all over the world.

Every Friekmanndar product is a creative effort. Each one is unique creation. The colors are a gentle blend of shades that capture the beauty and tranquility of nature. There is a play of light and color, making each item a treasure of timeless beauty.

You will find a full selection of home and business blessings in Hebrew and English. Enjoy the array of shapes and colors and designs. There are striking Stars of David expressing the eternal ties of the Jewish people to Israel. There are pomegranate shapes motif representing bounty and wisdom. There are plaques engraved with verses from Psalms and a beautiful Mizrach plaque to be hung in the direction to face when praying.

Whichever one you choose, the colors are warm and inviting. There is a sparkle in the glass. A Friekmanndar product makes a beautiful gift that will be treasured. It comes to you from the Land of Israel making this a very special item of love and care.

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