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Light plays a vital role in Jewish practice. It is a reminder of the Divine - a symbol of inner peace, tranquility, and joy a gentle reminder of all that is good and positive. Every week, the Jewish woman kindles two candles, welcoming the holy Shabbat. Another Jewish calendar milestone, the Festival of Chanukah, popularly known as the Festival of Lights, is forever associated with the eight candle Menorah.

Israeli artists Maya Kedar and Shiri Friedmann have joined together to bring their special light to the world. They recycle discarded glass and porcelain and transform it into exquisite Judaica items. “We give raw material a new purpose in existence”, the artists explain. “The final product is a creative expression of thought, planning and processing. Its culmination is when it functions in its new capacity.”

They offer two styles of candle holders - a delightful small flower shape with a tea light sitting in the open petals. This has the option of being used as a table decoration, adding a romantic touch to a special occasion. Also, you will find a series of classic Shabbat candlesticks featuring a backdrop with a magnificent Star of David and the blessing in the center.

The Friekmanndar Menorah selection is a visual delight - each one is a treasure of glowing colors and graceful imagery. The backdrop of the Menorahs is made up of an exciting mosaic design. A Friekmanndar Menorah is a delightful year-round Judaica display item.

For Rosh Hashanah, they offer a couple of gorgeous honey dishes.

Begin a glass collection today with a product from Maya and Shiri. They market under the name of Friekmanndar (a combination of their family names). Their glass products sparkle with an inner radiance and a richness of color that is enchantingly beautiful and will enhance your home or the home of anyone who receives it as a gift.

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