Challah Covers by Galilee Silk

What is a Challah Cover?

The two plaited Shabbat breads, known as challahs, are covered until after the ritual hand washing. Only then is the cover removed before reciting the blessing and cutting the challah. So, in addition to concealing the bread, the cover plays an important decorative role. It is the focal point of the table and its material and design give depth and meaning to the challah blessing ceremony.

What is Galilee Silks?

Whether you are starting to set up your home or looking to refresh your Shabbat table or are interested in purchasing a prestigious gift, we recommend that you examine Galilee Silks Challah Covers. This enterprising company, located in the north of Israel, has established itself as one of the leading artists of hand-painted silk Judaica items. Their high quality products decorate and enhance Shabbat tables all over the world.

The Collection

Galilee Silks' stunning collection of silk or silk applique Challah covers are all hand-painted. Some feature predominantly Jewish symbols such as the holy city of Jerusalem, the grape vine, pomegranates or the Star of David. Others depict the beauty of nature - flowers, butterflies or scenic views.

Whatever the theme, the colors are magnificent. With a sweeping paint brush, the artist blends shades of red, blue, green and yellow capturing the beauty of the surrounding Galilee landscape where the studio and workshop is located.

Galilee Silks Quality Seal

Galilee Silks prides itself on the quality and individual attention given to each item. Every challah cover is made to order. Painted by hand, no two are the same. So, your cover is made especially for you. Whether it is for yourself or a dear one, you can be sure that it will bring charm and elegance to the Shabbat table and will be used with joy week after week.

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