Serving Trays by Kakadu Designs

In Israel, Kakadu means the fun and color designs of Aharon and Reut Shahar. Over 25 years ago, they realize that their talents could be collaborated. They set up Kakadu, a company for hand-painted wood art that is as fashionable as it is function. Today, located in a sprawling campus in the Ulah Valley, they are surrounded by the beauty of nature that serves as a constant source of inspiration.

Aharon and Reut dream and design a product. Aharon then cuts and prepares the wood and Reut, holding the paint brush aloft, paints, guided by pure inspiration. Kakadu currently designs and produces a huge variety of table ware and home furnishings. Their designs pulsate with life, joy and color, reflecting the beauty of nature, the world of birds, and the mysteries of shape and color combinations. A Kakadu product is “once seen, never forgotten.” Many of the designs repeat themselves in different items, so it is possible to decorate your home with Kakadu and build up an entire Kakadu collection.

These serving trays have a novel design. Using the bentwood technique, they are curved in the center, making them ideal for displaying fruit, nuts or candies. There are trays with perching birds, climbing pomegranates, a rooster and colorful autumn leaves. Whether used for decoration or for display, a Kakadu tray will bring a colorful note to your décor besides being an excellent conversation item.

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