Netilat Yadayim Wash Cups by Michal Ben Yosef

The humble wash cup (natla in Hebrew) plays a prominent role in the Jewish home. From the moment a Jew rises in the morning until the end of the day, he will need it many times. The natla is not for hygienic washing; a good soap will take care of that. It is used for the ritual pouring of water over the hands. The most well-known is the prescribed hand washing netilat ya'dayim before eating bread.

Wash cups are made from many materials. Although Jewish law allows the use of a simple plastic wash cup, it is always more pleasant and respectable to use an attractive wash cup with a pretty design. It not only enhances the d&233;cor but it reflects your respect for the ritual hand washing and the importance you attach to performing Jewish commandments with quality vessels.

So, before you purchase your next natla, we invite you to look through and enjoy the collection of ceramic artist Michal Ben Yosef. She has been working with ceramics for over twenty years. Yet, she still feels the joy of creativity with each item she produces. Deeply attached to the land and people of Israel, she has told us that molding and rolling her earthenware materials strengthens these ties.

Her wash cups all have two handles so that they are comfortable to hold. The colors are earthy browns, homely greens and heavenly blues. They blend with the words from the washing hands blessing printed on the cup - repeated in various fonts and shades. If you prefer a natla without text, there are cups with delightful floral decorations. A favorite is the beige colored ewer shaped cup.

A Jewish home can never have too many wash cups - many have one alongside every sink. So, it is a no-fail gift that will be used and enjoyed. Add to this the charm of a hand-made ceramic cup from Israel with the special charm of Michal Ben Yosef, keeping you connected to the people and Land of Israel.

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