Matzah and Afikoman Covers by Galilee Silk

The Royal Seder Table

Seder night, highlight of Pesach, is a royal occasion when we display our most beautiful tableware. A focal point is the Matzah cover holding the three ritual Matzahs (or Matzot). Since this remains on the table throughout the evening an elegant exclusive Matzah cover will enhance the Seder table and its distinctive atmosphere.

Whether you wish to refresh your table with a new Matzvah cover or you are considering a gift for dear one, a silk Matzah cover is a purchase that will give lasting pleasure year after year.

Galilee Silks Collection

In the north of Israel is located Galilee Silks, leading silk designer of Judaica fabric products. Every item is individually hand-painted, making it absolutely unique. Its three-compartment matzah covers are made of pure silk or are decorated with silk appliques. They feature exquisite designs and breathtakingly beautiful color combinations. Themes relate to popular and beloved Jewish symbols - pomegranates, Star of David, Jerusalem, grapes and even the pyramids of Egypt. You will also find stunning floral designs, hand painted in spectacular colors inspired by the surrounding Galilee landscape.

Afikoman Bag

Matching most of the Matzah covers are bags that hold the Afikoman matzah. The matzah piece is placed inside this bag at the beginning of the meal and it is customarily hidden by the children. At the end of the meal, it is eaten as part of the Seder ritual.

The silk Afikoman bags of Galilee Silks bring added flavor to the Seder. Seder means order organization. So what could be more appropriate than having a pretty bag that matches the Matzvah cover!

AJudaica Invitation

The Matzah Covers and Afikoman Bags can be purchased as sets or individually. Scroll through the Galilee Silks selection. We promise you an exciting visual experience that will delight heart and soul and will uplift and enhance the Seder table.

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