Adi Sidler Etched Shema Yisrael Mezuzah Case - Silver

Adi Sidler Etched Shema Yisrael Mezuzah Case - Silver

$35.78 - $38.94
  • A contemporary Mezuzah case with etched Shema words
  • Kosher scroll to be purchased in the Additional Items section.
  • Adheres to doorpost with provided double-sided tape.
  • Use indoors only for long enjoyable wear

Product Description

Leading Israeli artist, Adi Sidler, makes Jewish tradition fashionable and attractive. On the front of the smooth brushed aluminum surface of this square edged Mezuzah case are etched words from the sacred Shema the prayer that is carefully handwritten on the Mezuzah scroll inside the case.

Made in Israel


Artist: Sidler Adi Judaica
MATERIAL: Brushed Aluminium
Height: 4" / 10cm
Width: 0.6" / 1.5cm
Height: 5.5" / 14cm
Width: 0.6" / 1.5cm

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Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
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I want entire text of shema prayer

Shema is a Jew's most sacred prayer. Why couldnt the artist engrave the entire prayer word after word. It would have been so much more meaningful.

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