Adi Sidler Mini Mezuzah Case, Decorative Shema Words - Red

Adi Sidler Mini Mezuzah Case, Decorative Shema Words - Red

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  • A mini size Mezuzah case from Adi Sidler
  • With Shema words on the front in white
  • Easy to attach with double-sided tape
  • Use indoors or outdoors. Long-term Warranty.

Product Description

Small is beautiful! This mini size Mezuzah case, designed and produced in Israel by Adi Sidler, combines contemporary design and Jewish tradition. Made of anodized aluminum, its striking feature is the engraving at the front in white of random words from the holy Shema prayer that is inscribed in full on the handwritten Mezuzah scroll inside the case. Choose from a striking selection of metallic colors.

Suitable for small Mezuzah scroll up to length 2.3" / 6 cm

Waterproof. For indoors or outdoors. Long term warranty.

See Additional Items to order your kosher Mezuzah scroll.


Artist: Sidler Adi Judaica
Brushed Aluminum
Height: 3.2" / 8.3 cm
Width: 0.5" / 1.3 cm
For scroll up to 2.3" / 6 cm

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