David Gerstein Double Sided Steel Wall Sculpture - Naomi Butterfly

David Gerstein Double Sided Steel Wall Sculpture - Naomi Butterfly

  • Naomi Butterfly – prestigious art from renowned David Gerstein
  • From artist's series of butterfly sculptures. Note flexible wings
  • On the reverse side is another butterfly with different design
  • Mount with two screws. Build up a butterfly collection

Product Description

The beauty of this sculptured butterfly lies in its soft restraint of color. The black and gray, green and blue, gently blend together – a reminder of the shy butterflies that flutter in and out of our lives. The reverse delicately blends shades of turquoise and pink. This elegant butterfly that radiates atmosphere has been aptly named “Naomi” by artist David Gerstein - a Biblical name meaning pleasant and delightful.

David Gerstein, a prolific Israeli artist has permanent displays in cities, museums and private collections all over the world. Through his art works, he examines the world with a humorous eye, seeing life as it is. His butterfly sculptures are stunningly realistic.


SKU: DG-00994
Artist: David Gerstein
Year: 2013
Laser cutout metal
Height: 11.8” / 30 cm
Width: 15.7” x 40 cm
Weight: 1 pound / 400 gr

Made in Jerusalem

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