David Gerstein Free Standing Double Sided Sculpture - Margarita Cow

David Gerstein Free Standing Double Sided Sculpture - Margarita Cow

  • A free-standing cow sculpture to adorn and be adored
  • Carries printed signature of artist David Gerstein
  • Two views. Different vivacious color theme on each side
  • Part of series of eight cow prints on laser cut out metal

Product Description

David Gerstein shares with us his fascination with cows. He paints them in bright vivid colors that breathe vitality and a love of life - a reminder that if we use our eyes well, we will see bright color everywhere. The dignity of this cow as he stands and stares at us matches his name Margarita meaning pearl a precious stone. This double-sided sculpture will certainly bring the shining luminosity of the pearl to any room.

In cheerful pictures and sculptures, renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein presents everyday items with a whimsical humorous look. His works, sought-after all over the world, bring enormous pleasure and prestige.


SKU: DG-3008C
Artist: David Gerstein
Laser cutout steel
Height: 6.8" / 17 cm
Width: 11.5" / 29.2 cm
Weight: 3 pounds x 1.35 kg

Made in Jerusalem

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