Enamel Plated 7-Branch Menorah with Gold Judaic Decorations - Gray

Enamel Plated 7-Branch Menorah with Gold Judaic Decorations - Gray

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  • This seven-branch Menorah is a reminder of the glorious Temple Menorah
  • The distinguished gray plated animal is richly decorated with gold Judaica
  • Look for Jerusalem images, olive branches and symbols of twelve tribes
  • Large gold Star of David Judaic symbol of protection - affixed to stem
  • Three step gold framed pedestal is decorated with "Jerusalem" in bold

Product Description

Seven is a symbolic number. It represents the seven days of the week, the Seven Weeks of the Omer and Shabbat the holy 7th day. So, this seven-branch menorah is symbolic and meaningful. The enamel plated gray gives it dignity and the Judaic embellishments in gold make this a decorative item you will treasure.

This Menorah can be used with either candles or floating wicks in glass inserts. See Additional Items section below.


SKU: ch-44530GR
Metal, Enamel
Width: 7.5" / 19 cm
Height: 9.5" / 24 cm
Cup inner diameter: 16-17 mm

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Floating Wicks
Glass Oil Inserts - Nine pc Set
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