English Pewter Star of David with Choshen Stones

English Pewter Star of David with Choshen Stones

Height 13.5cm / 5.3" Width 12cm / 4.7"

Product Description

This delightful wall decoration made of pewter depicts the twelve stones of the Kohen Gadolís Breastplate set in a large Star of David. In the corners of the star are the various emblems of each of the twelve tribes, symbolizing their individual strengths and role within the nation. Each stone on the breastplate was a different color. The Talmud lists the names but their translation is obscure and is deeply rooted in Kabbalah. On the reverse of this wall decoration is the list of the twelve stone and the qualities they are reputed to represent.

It is written that in addition to the name of the stone itself, the first and last of the twelve stones contained additional words. Through including these extra words, every letter of the Hebrew alphabet was contained on the Breastplate and the A-mighty would communicate through forming words with these letters.

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