Haari Seven Blessings Spinner Wedding Ring - Silver and Gold

Haari Seven Blessings Spinner Wedding Ring - Silver and Gold

  • A spinner ring speaking of precious love and connection
  • Seven bands are joined the five inner bands rotate
  • On each band is engraved a Seven Marriage Blessing
  • Over the engraving is a 9K elegant gold Star of David

Product Description

A gift that will become a family heirloom! This sterling silver ring has seven joined bands representing the unity and harmony of marriage. The five inner bands rotate referring to the movement of blessings from above to below. On each of the bands is engraved one of the 7 Blessings recited at the wedding ceremony. The 9K gold Star of David adds a finishing touch.

The Seven Marriage Blessings are recited after the ring is placed on the bride's finger. They channel the abundance from the Divine blessings to the seven earthly spheres. The first blessing celebrates wine of joy. The next three blessings praise G-d, Creator of the world. The fifth blessing celebrates the holy city of Jerusalem. The sixth blessing expresses rejoicing of the bride and groom. The seventh and last blessing summarizes the six preceding blessings.


Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Ring Size Conversion
Sterling silver, 9K gold
Width: 0.6" / 1.53 cm

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