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The meaningful jewelry from the Ha'Ari Collection is made of sterling silver and gold with authentic gemstones and have a Biblical or Kabbalistic significance, whether it's a quote from Song of Songs, Jewish Prayers or Kabbalah. The pendants, rings or bracelets are designated for love, prosperity,health and more, and are beautiful too!

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Showing 1-32 out of 175 items

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Kabbalah Jewelry from Ha'Ari

Each item of jewelry from HaAri is meaningful and unique. The items are spiritually inspired by the great writings of Kabbalah. The jewelry is hand made and often inscribed with verses from Jewish sources. They are made from sterling silver and gold, and feature an origian signature by Ha'Ari. The necklaces often have letter combinations auspicious for various blessings such as bounty, love, wealth and protection. The Seven Blessings spinner ring is one of our most popular items, and portrays the seven blessings recited at a Jewish wedding ceremony, under the Huppah. Others have verses from Song of Songs and an especially beautiful one is the five metal amethyst ring for healing. Attractive leather bracelets include the Ana BeKoach prayer, one imbued with deep Kabbalistic meanings. The Kind Eye one with turquoise resembles an eye and is said to protect against the evil eye. Similarly, the silver Ben Porat bracelet is threaded with a red thread, also mentioned as protecting from negative energies. These items are physically and spiritually beautiful.

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