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Quality Israeli made necklace with Kabbalistic styles by HaAri Jewelry.

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Showing 1-32 out of 117 items

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Kabbalah Necklaces by Ha'ari


Today, knowledge of Kabbalah, once the sacred lore of select holy individuals, is widely known. Men and women seek the reassurance and protection that comes with wearing jewelry incorporating Kabbalah themes and texts. Ha’ari, one of Israel’s leading designers, produces high-class Kabbalah jewelry using gold, silver and precious stones. Ajudaica presents you with a selection of his Kabalah necklaces. Each one comes with a chain - ready for immediate wear, a delight for the eye, body, and soul.


Before choosing a Ha’ari necklace, take the time to think about your needs. What is your priority concern? Are you looking for protection, fulfillment, inner strength and Divine blessing? Maybe health, prosperity or success? What about positive relationships or perhaps the power to change? With his knowledge of Kabalah, Ha’ari has created a necklace for every need. A Ha’ari necklace is a source of meaningful spiritual strength and with its authentic stones and quality workmanship, it is also an outstanding fashion item that makes a statement on taste and style.


The fabulous collection of Ha’ari pendants includes texts that celebrate leading Kabbalah concepts in a variety of styles and shapes. You will find the esoteric 72 names of G-d, the Circle of Life Trees, Tikun Klali, Ten Sefirot and mystical letter combinations. There are words from the prayers of Shema Yisrael, Woman of Valor or Travelers Prayer. You will find many Stars of David – the even popular talisman forever associated with the Jewish nation. All are exquisitely designed and are the perfect accessory to any outfit, in addition to their mystical powers.


People all over the world are seeking Kabbalah necklaces. The unique and beautiful pieces of stylish Ha’ari necklaces will strengthen your Kabbalah beliefs and help you make the connection between the world of man and the infinite.

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